Republikken Create helps self-employed individuals and corporations with CAD, prototypes and product development.


CAD Drawing

The CAD format shows the product design. Dimensionally stable CAD models are made for production, prototypes or 3D printing.


3D Printing

3D printing in plastic materials from CAD drawings. We print with MJF, FDM og SLA.

Laser Cutting

Lasers cutting in wood, plastic and paper materials. We can cut from your files or we can create designs for you.

Free Consultation

Book a half hour non-committal consultation. Where we can meet, put faces on each other  and talk about options.

We help you move forward

We offer clear advice and solid work experience. You can trust our input, quality and delivery.

That is why we align our expectations before the start of any project. Preparing a written agreement and a NDA if relevant, so the solution and pris is as agreed upon.  

With our experience, in-house engineers and our own Maker Space, we can facilitate product design (CAD models), development of prototypes and mock-ups plus advise on product development.

Write to us about your project, so we can help you move forward.

Claus Baumann, Owner


Vicki Zoé

Production by laser cutting with impeccable detail in paper for resale

Benjamin hav Tesla med cesærkrans

Sony Music

CAD model and 3D print of the Caesar crown that Benjamin Hav wore for the release of his third solo album, Tesla

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How you get started

Contact us or drop by our space on Vesterbrogade 35A.