Architecture Models

We make architecture models, presentation models and parts for model building. All done in optimal time and with a guarantee.

Model Building in Copenhagen

We build models by laser cutting, 3D printing and manual cutting from line- drawings, Revit-models, etchings or buildings. 

We can adjust the material to accommodate detail and color scheme for every model -according to your wishes.

Republikken Create offer the following solutions within model making:

Architecture model, simplistic models of buildings or building areas, with a high degree of detail and typically being in light nuances. 

Presentation model, where a building/building area is viewed in the surrounding location. The surrounding location usually has less detail and is in natural colors.

Parts for model building, It would be our pleasure to aid you in making model parts either via laser cutting or 3D printing. So you are able to assemble the model yourself. 

The Best Model Building Solution

We can start with a line

We create models from line-drawings, vector files, 3D models, google maps and existing buildings.

We do it ourselves

We guarantee optimal execution and the elimination of expensive production middelmen by drawing and producing all parts inhouse. 


Good results guaranteed

We guarantee a model that lives up to our agreement. And if it does not, we make a new one or reimburse you.

Write to us

Send us a mail with a description of you project -we will get back to you asap/same day.

Model Maker

We can make models from line drawings, pictures, digital models and technical drawings.

We are able to assist architects and studios in devising architectural models of buildings or areas for competitions, work models or exhibits.

And we are of course also qualified and capable to help different types of industries, for example, tv-production companies, real estate agencies, and galleries to design and build models for presentations, exhibitions, sale or marketing. 

You are always welcome to contact us for guidance and our view on what solution matches your project.

We typically use plywood, plastics, foam or cardboard for model building. But we are material flexible and are always accommodating of wishes. View some of our commonly used materials here.


Architectural Model

Model, typically of a builing with a high degree of detail. It can be laser cut, 3D printed or a mixture of the two. Lights can be installed in the models.

Presentation Model

A landscape model (map model) of an area or a context model of a site surrounding a proposed building project.


Model Parts

We can function as your model parts supplier by 2D drawing, 3D drawing, laser cutting or 3D printing parts for your model.

We work with

Contact us with your project

Describe your project. And attach drawings, vector files or other related documents here.

You are always welcome to give us a call on: 23239434.

Your Model Building Team

Emil Steiglich-Petersen


Claus Baumann

Mechanical Engineer, Partner

Amanda Fage

Design Engineer


Mechanical Developer

Where we are located...

You can find us on Vesterbrogade 35A , book a meeting or give us a call -to assure availability