Get a CAD Drawing Proposal within 24 Hours

Cad Drawing of Machanic Solutions

Technical drawings in 3D CAD

CAD Programs

We primarily draw in SolidWorks


Fixed Project Budget

We agree on a set price for the project

CAD Programs

We draw in SolidWorks, Fusion360, Revit or Rhino and deliver in STL, OBJ, or the format which suits you best.

Technical Department on Demand

We offer to be your Technical Department. This means, that it is your choice to up- or downscale, to facilitate your needs.


Cost Effective

We are already specialized in CAD. By using us, you avoid the cost of investing in new software, training and developing competent CAD skills.

Case Examples

Udvikling af moduler til medico device


Modular CAD assembly for a prototype of a medical apparatus


Component for older Velux windows, to upcycle instead of replace

Design af smykke til støbning

Kontrast Studio

Drawing for jewellry production in gold and silver

CAD Rendering af 3D model

Svend Ole Hansen

Complete drawing of building for 3D print mhp. wind test

CAD fil cæsar krans for SONY Music og Benjamin Hav

Sony Music

CAD drawing of Caesar's crown for Benjamin Hav, 3D printet and laser cut

3D CAD tegning af stativ til både

Solar Arches

Boat stand for solar cells. The model is parametric and can easily be adjusted.