CNC Cutting

CNC in wood, plastics and aluminium

CNC in CopenhagenKøbenhavn

Our CNC is made-to-order to suit your needs. We cut in Copenhagen using full sized sheets (2000 x 1000mm) with detaild precision. We provide CNC special orders and CNC productions. 

We predominantly CNC cut from your design file (CAM or Vector). We can also help you create a design file for your project.  

Our price tag for CNC cutting starts at 850 Kr and we can offer you a great deal if you fill-in our contact form below.

CNC Cutting Offer

Flexible CNC

CNC of Vector and CAM files.


90% of our CNC is made within 4 weekdays.
Express: within 1 weekday.


Finish and Treatment Options

Oiling, sanding, painting, or lacquering of milled items

CNC Materials

We CNC cut in a variety of materials. We can CNC cut in materials from our own stock, order your prefered material, or cut the material you bring to our location on Vesterbrogade 35A. We CNC cut for example in:

  • Wood, for example: HDF, MDF or plywood. 
  • Plastics, for example: acrylic and other plastics
  • Foam


Birch Plywood

Oak Veneered MDF



Clear Acrylic

Colored Acrylic

Acrylic Mirror

Cut-rate CNC

We always offer sharp prices on CNC -we may even be the best in the business. Taking into account the time and input injected into the process regarding different projects of course. 

It may be possible to complete your project with alternative technoglogy to reach a more desired price. You are therefore welcome to contact us, for a free consultation and guidance on the best possible solution for you and your project. 

How you get started

Find us on Vesterbrogade 35A , book a meeting or give us a call to secure a time before you drop by