Product Design

Industrial Design and Formation of Products.

Industrial Product Design

We can help you with executing your product idea through sparring and industrializing the product design.

Our experience is, that the best products are designed with the original idea, vision and goal in mind. Our design process is therefore centered around the finished product having a direct link to the initial idea.

Our team of Engineers, Industrial Designers and Architects are ready to secure that your design is not only aesthetically appealing but also highly functional.

Design Process

The process of designing a product is an iterative process. Where details are revisited and product shape readjusted, to reach a complete and functional product with a beautiful expression.

To optimize this process we work in short focused design phases, where we concentrate on developing the whole or the minute details of a design. In the design process, there is the option of focusing on the functional design, the aesthetic design or the user-oriented design.

We would like to have a chat about your project over a cup of coffee or tea, on us of course. Book a free sparring meeting below.

Product design of lock mechanism

Your Product Designers

Emil Steglich-Petersen

Constructor, Partner

Claus Baumann

Engineer, Partner

Malthe Stokholm

Production Technologist

Sigurd Adelstrup

Smith, Product Developer

Book Free Sparring

Good collaboration between you and the product designer is essential. We, therefore, offer a free and non-committal initial sparring meeting, where we can meet, be introduced to your product idea and chat about possibilities and options.

You can book your free sparring meeting with us on Vesterbrogade 35A or online below.

How to get started

Call us, send us a mail with your wishes and what we can help you with or book a meeting with us.

Brugerorienteret Produkt Design

Æstetisk Produkt Design

Funktionelt Produkt Design i København

Brugerorienteret Produkt Design


Udvikling af moduler til medico device


Modulær CAD assembly til prototype af medicinsk apparat


Komponent til ældre Velux vinduer, så vinduerne kan upcyles fremfor udskiftes

CAD Rendering af 3D model

Svend Ole Hansen

Komplet tegning af bygning til 3D print mhp. vindtest

Rendering af knapsamling

Kasper Clausen

Omkostningsoptimeret lukkefunktion til produkt

CAD fil cæsar krans for SONY Music og Benjamin Hav

Sony Music

CAD tegnet Cæsarkrans til Benjamin Hav 3D printet og laserskåret

3D CAD tegning af stativ til både

Solar Arches

Stativ til solceller på både. Modellen er parametrisk og kan tilpasses nye mål let og enkelt.